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We’re applying on our expertise in temporary construction and post-disaster planning to support our community as it rebuilds and re-images this new economic landscape.  Our Principals are both certified in Post-Disaster Building Assessment (PDBA) and volunteer for emergency management agencies in British Columbia, Canada.  Robyn Fenton serves on BC’s PDBA Advisory Group in her role as the Architectural Institute of British Columbia’s (AIBC) Post-Disaster Liaison.

Since 2014, Marguerite and Robyn have been actively engaged in damage and safety assessment training for architects in British Columbia.  They advise local authorities on policy, operational readiness and recently represented the AIBC on a research team.  The objective of the two-year project was to produce a PDBA framework and recommendations for local communities.  Visit BC Housing’s website to download a copy of the publication.

Our appreciation of the resources and actions required during a response phase guides the design services that we provide to support our clients’ resilience planning.  Wherever possible in our Practice, we like to consider how space and our built environments can adapt and minimize the risks and unforeseen stresses in our communities.


Building Assessment

Post-disaster building assessment
pdba framework

PDBA Framework

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Building Assessment

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Building Assessment

Post-disaster building assessment