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We have strong connections to our communities both as consultants and as volunteer community leaders. Working alongside our peers and neighbours gives us a deeper understanding of their needs and an insight which we use to develop unique and at times unconventional design solutions.

Foxglove Terrace is a great example of our collaborative approach.  The inspiration evolved through conversations between our Principal, Robyn Fenton, and a group of 6 owners, who like herself, who were looking for an achievable way to live in beautiful Bowen Island, BC.  The concept in the end was simple – pool their resources together to purchase a lot and with the help of Robyn and a general contractor, self-develop a 4-unit building on the property.   The dream is now becoming a reality as construction is well underway with completion anticipated for early in the new year.

Fresh Ayre Daycare

Renovation under former name: Reforma Architecture

Little Peak Daycare

Renovation under former name: Reforma Architecture

Foxglove Construction

Construction Completion - 2021
Fourplex wireframe

Foxglove Design

3D Design Model

Foxglove Terrace

Design thru Construction Administration