Retail Fitout | Tenant Improvements | Office Renovations

Our understanding of operational requirements, the damaging impact of schedule overruns and construction budgets  comes from our experiences working internally within global brands, as consultants for non-profits and through our vast tenant improvement/renovation work – for permanent and temporary work spaces.  We support store development, permit applications and commercial projects as Project Managers, Architects-of-Record and Coordinating Registered  Professionals.

The last few years brought unprecedented impacts.  We’re applying on our expertise with resilient design to rethink interior layouts for retail and office environments.   Together with our clients, we continue to look for opportunities to re-image the use of outdoor spaces and adapt office layouts to meet new strategies for the workplace.

Snug Cove Plaza 531x400
Little Peak 531x400
Lab Charette 500x375
SA PoCo 500x375