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Our understanding of operational requirements and the damaging impact of missed deadlines and closed doors stems from our experiences working internally within luxury retail brands, as consultants for non-profits and through our tenant improvement work.  We support store development and commercial projects as Project Managers, design consultants and with the production of permit and construction documents.

We’re applying our expertise in temporary construction and post-disaster planning to support our community as it rebuilds and re-images this new economic landscape.  For many, this is a multi-phased approach. There are steps that we can take quickly and creatively to make layout adjustments that will allow doors to re-open and employees to feel safe.  In the months that follow, we will need adaptions that will consider efficient operations as well as a changing comfort-levels and safety requirements.  Long-term, we’re talking about proactive ways to mitigate risk by designing and building resilient environments that can respond to unprecedented events.

store development2
store development

Marguerite Laquinte Francis engaged in stakeholder + procurement management as a member of the owner’s store development team

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